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EXCITING NEWS!Inkbird New App Officially launch for ITC-308 WiFi User

Verfasst: Donnerstag 13. Juni 2019, 10:08
von marinali29
Attention Inkbird fans/ITC-308 WiFi users:

Currently we officially launched our new app “Inkbird Pro” for iOS and Android.
Availble on APP store and Google Play.

The app include the following new features:
-Export historical data to csv files and share to social media.
-Multi-language switching function in the app
-Support for Bluetooth offline devices,users can install all of the Inkbird’s bluetooth devices and WiFi devices,eliminating the hassle of installing multiple apps.

Download it now and enjoy its great benefits. 
Inkbird Pro is much more than you imagine!

P.s. Hopefully to receive your feedback (such as the impressions of the app, its stability or reliability,your comment or suggestion…) after use the app.

You can also reach to me via

Thanks and enjoy!