Moving soon

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Moving soon


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Firstly sorry this is in English, I looked around and while almost everything I found was in Deutsch I didn't see a rule about only posting in it :)

I am an Englishman living in Amsterdam, but soon moving to Nürnberg. Where I would like to continue my hobby of brewing, and also meeting with and discussing with others interested in the hobby. There was a suggestion in a facebook group about coming here, also I knew of the forum from the iSpindel project (which I have built a couple of times).

Anyone interested in meeting up later in the year once I am there, or know of any groups already meeting that wouldn't mind a non german speaking attendee I would be very grateful for the introductions :thumbsup



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Re: Moving soon


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Hi David,

and welcome to this forum. Just tell us when having arrived in Nürnberg and we´ll find time and place to meet. Also have a look at the frankonian sub-forum here and you´ll be informed about meetings.
Enjoy Amsterdam, before you´ll enjoy Nürnberg :-)

Viele Grüße, Henning
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